technical support



  • 不锈钢板材铆接技术及产品
    Characteristics: solved the problem of connecting boards which material is SUS304 or 316, with the advantages of low cost, excellent capability, safe and dependable.

  • 高耐蚀不锈钢技术
    304不锈钢钝化后≥ 500h才出现锈蚀
    304 stainless steel after passivation≥500h appeared rust
    316高耐腐蚀不锈钢钝化后≥ 2000h才出现锈蚀
    316 high-corrosion resistance stainless steel after passovation≥ 2000h appeared rust

  • 不锈钢产品防锁死技术
    After the special technical treatment, there will be a dry film formed on the stainless steel parts for preventing lock up.

  • 压铆件及其它连接件无磁技术
    Xinkai developed a new non-magnetic pressure rivet 304 stainless steel screws can be completely resolved after processing of micro-magnetic phenomena can be achieved by completely non-magnetic. The product is widely used in radar and other communications industries.